Young in business: the idea

Whether it’s you whose “young” or your business: both come with it’s fair share of struggles. From cash flow to inventory, customer relations to social media, there’s a “Guru” for everything- then why does no one talk about the struggles of being “young” in business? From potential suppliers that do not take you seriously to facing  hardships to keep going when your or your business’ age defines the odds of its success.

In this blog, I want to talk about some of these struggles or successes I have, through the journey of my young business Mimi’s Picks, in the hope that it reminds you that what you’re feeling has been experienced by many, how to tackle these problems, how to find he energy to constantly innovate and keep going and some tips to look at so you can learn from what I have learnt. 

Mimi’s Picks was started in the midst of witnessing the widespread economic damage COVID-19 has caused, where I wanted to do something that makes it easier to support local.  

It is a treat box and monthly subscription box business that brings amazing Kiwi products right to your doorstep- from amazing soaps to great herbal teas, chocolates to candles; these boxes have all the treats that are New Zealand made, that will help you relax and is specially curated for you! It is gender customisable, has eco friendly packaging and  from our website to packaging, everything is sourced from local Kiwi businesses- as a thank you for keeping our economy running and helping generate jobs that help thousands of people have roofs over their heads and food on their table for all these years.


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