Synergy over competition and supporting local: the inspiration behind Mimi’s Picks

The COVID-19 pandemic has played a vital role in the inception of Mimi’s Picks- it reminded us all of something very important, which is supporting local businesses and what’s at stake if that doesn’t happen.

Being a local small business that helps other local small businesses, I have come across some amazing products, businesses and business owners that are a key part of our economy and society. A stake in our local businesses is becoming more  and more important with globalisation and the world becoming more accessible- because the competition is increasing by the day, the world is at our fingertips and often getting overseas products is cheaper and consumerism is blurring the lines of ethical sourcing and its importance. This affects local businesses as they are competing despite lesser resources, which puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to pricing, marketing, resource allocation and supply chain management, which then puts them in a cycle of disadvantages preventing them from getting bigger and procuring those resources to excel. 

You may think this is an incredibly personal business problem but the truth is very far from it- if these small businesses don’t get our support, we may lose out on a local delicacy unavailable anywhere else, simply because less or no demand will require no supply and lead to the business shutting its doors. The world raves about New Zealand made Manuka honey, but why is it that the industry focuses on overseas buyers? A reason would be due to lack of demand from their local communities. This is just one of many examples of Kiwis flocking to overseas companies when we have an abundance of amazing resources and business in our country. 

Further, local businesses need to support each other wherever possible- Mimi’s Picks uses 100% NZ products, be it for our website, packaging, products or supply chain, even if it means slightly higher costs; because we believe in supporting synergy over competition- this means that we eventually are all competing for the same available disposable income, and when we join hands we are able to deliver a higher quality, sustainable and cheaper experience to our customers while increasing the reach we have by putting our resources together. With a business like ours, we are able to provide a new channel for other businesses, customers get great products at competitive prices, we are able to raise awareness about amazing products and businesses and everything is sustainable. 

No one knows what the future holds and how many more hits our economy will take this year- but what we can do is to support local and small as much as possible- it’s easier and cheaper than you think it is and much more rewarding than filling the pockets of another global billionaire.


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